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Hello, We Are OfferPal!

Hello, We Are OfferPal!

Well, this is all very exciting.

It’s always hard to know what to write as a first blog post but we have to start somewhere and what better way to start than to say hello so….

Hello, We Are OfferPal!

That’s not much of a blog post so how about more of an introduction – OfferPal is a brand new Google Chrome extension which will help you save money. You install our lightweight extension and when you’re ready to check out on a website click out bright purple shopping tags and if we are aware of a voucher code or offer we’ll let you know. One further click and the extension will even copy it to your clipboard. 🙂

Want to give it a whirl? You can find out more on our homepage or if you’re ready to jump in and install right now you can head straight to the Google Chrome Web Store and install straight away.

Psst… We’re still building up the list of websites we work with so if there’s a website you’d like to see featured drop us an email and we’ll see what we can do – our email is

Right now you’re probably thinking while this blog is just going to be a blog about our little extension – but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Of course we’ll mention it from time to time (probably a little more at the start as we want to show it off) but we want this blog to be so much more so we do hope you’ll stick around, save some money with us and maybe get a little bit of life inspiration.

We are OfferPal and we hope you’ll let us be your pal too.

We hope you save some money!

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