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Why Isn’t A Website On OfferPal?

Why Isn’t A Website On OfferPal?

In todays post I want to address why a website you’re browsing isn’t showing any results when you click to open the extension.

We’re New

There are many reasons why this might be the case but perhaps the biggest reason at the moment is we’re quite new and still looking for websites to work with. Contacting websites and getting them recognised by the extension takes time but have no fear we’re working hard to get as many websites as we can onto the platform.

But if there’s a website you would really like to see included drop an email to We can’t make any promises but we’ll see what we can do. If there’s a specific reason we can’t include the website we’ll let you know.

There’s No Voucher Codes Available

If during the life of OfferPal a website hasn’t issued any voucher codes to us they probably won’t show up when you access the extension. This is because the extension doesn’t register a website until a voucher code or offer is supplied.

If they are showing up but not showing any codes this is an indication they have supplied codes in the past but as far as we know don’t have any running at the moment.

Pssst. You might now be thinking but I’ve seen voucher codes for this website on other websites. This may well be true but we can only show codes issued to us. Codes that are issued to other websites are exclusive to them and we don’t have permission to show you them. We will however be trying to arrange exclusive codes for you as we move forward.

Some Websites Simply Don’t Want To Be Included

It’s hard to see why they wouldn’t want to be included as it helps keep their customers on their website instead of seeking voucher codes elsewhere potentially loosing your business in the process.

We have thought about including those websites anyway as ultimately it would make a better service for you but ultimately decided to respect the websites wishes.

We hope this short post helps explain why a website you were hoping to find isn’t found within our extension and we hope you save some money.

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